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Silver Pyramid Decanter

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Go different! Krosno Hallmarked Silver Pyramid Decanter

Each item is individually formed by highly skilled glass blowers. Look for the cleverly placed bubble in the base which is a distinguishing feature of the Krosno range. This extremely contemporary decanter is our best seller.

Dimensions Height 315mm.

The manufacturing process used for this decanter is known as ‘Mouthblown glass.’ The artist removes a gather of glass onto the blowpipe. A gather can weigh about half a pound to two pounds depending on the size of the object being made. After pulling the gather from the furnace a small amount of air is blown into the molten glass. At this point the gather is rolled across a flat iron table which gives the glass its preliminary shaping and a cooler skin to contain the bubble as it is being blown into shape, either free hand or with the aid of a mould. Both wooden and metal moulds can be used, e.g. a metal mould would be used for this decanter in order to give definition to the shape.

The glassblower will blow through the pipe again and expand the piece more.

It is at this point that a pontil rod can be stuck onto the bottom of the decanter. The rolling of the glass over the rods on the table will determine the basic shape of the vessel. By making indentions where it is being impressed by the rods, it can change a flower vase into a decanter in less time than it takes to read this sentence.